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Search listings advice, position boosting, on-page optimisation, backlinks. We'll boost your Google listing position, and prove it, or give you your money back...!

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Improve your search listing position - what we can do for you

At Reading SEO Advice Services we backup what we claim, and we live by our reputation amongst our clients (most of whom are web designers!), a reputation built-up from great search engine placement results. Our clients benefit from having their websites placed highly in Google's search index, typically #1, and those placements did not cost a fortune. We offer practical, sensible, and expert SEO tips for the constructs within a website - to boost its organic position (not paid for each month as with Google Adwords).

90% of our websites sit at #1 on Google!

We also offer quality backlinks, you can improve your websites PageRank and its position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by using the our service to buy relevant one way links to your pages. Links are used by most search engines as a major factor in determining search rankings. This depends on the number of links you have, the quality of the link (PageRank) and the relevancy.

Reading SEO Advice Services. Provable, stated, results!

We'll analyse your website and its current position in the search ranks, its PR value and its existing backlinks. We'll then quote you for a planned and agreed strategy, and we are confident that we can boost your rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation - getting your website noticed

SEO is something your web designer may not know much about and is the next stage in your websites evolution. How to improve interest in your business or project, and boost sales.

You'll have come across buzzwords like PPC, CTR, Adwords, Adsense, optimisation, backlinks, SEO and Google ... and wondered what it's all about. SEO has its own mystique, and offers up many buzzwords that SEO gurus may use to try and impress you (you will see a humorous glossary on this site).

We regularly get the websites of our local Reading clients to the top slots on Google, positioned on the front page of Google and usually in the top 3. And we do it for a lot less money than our competitors!

Whether you are a Reading business, a Slough service, or you run a hobby website in Windsor ... we can boost your Google search ranking - so that those interested in you and your products will actually find you. After all, there is little point in having an expensive and clever website if no one finds it!

The first part of SEO is the basic structure and configuration of the website itself, and its front page, and it is actually more difficult to get that wrong than to have it created correctly. Still, I find sites every day with the basics missing; car – no petrol, put some in and it will go.

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Once you are beyond the basics, you then have a choice between either waiting for your site to grow in stature and ranking naturally over time (known as organically) or you can pay to have your site listed quickly.

A good website (one with a high organic ranking) costs nothing to display week to week - to advertise your company and its products. A good paid (PPC) position may cost you £10,000 a week.

So, if you can achieve a high organic ranking then that’s the way to go; good visibility, no cost. Recent research shows that most web surfers still look at the left hand side of Google page displays first, i.e. the organic ranks.

Many people do not ‘trust’ the paid adverts, since quality can be short-cut by money.

Organic ranking

How do you get your website to a high position in the organic ranks? Well, you could just sit back and wait, hoping that many people will find it, love it, and tell their friends.
But that’s not going to cut the mustard. You are going to need to work at it. To do that you should talk to us at Reading SEO.

Keyword density

Part of organic ranking is down to how your home page (the first page) is padded out with relevant keywords in the blurb, known as keyword denisty.
If we write here: "Reading SEO Services, SEO consultancy and website design in Reading" then we are adding our key phrases to the front page several times - and that helps with our Google results indexing. Too many keywords being repeated results in Google "sandboxing" your website.

Site ranking

How does Google ‘rank’ your site? That’s something that has been evolving and changing since 1998, but comes down to a basic premise - is your website popular?
A popular website will have several qualities. First, many people search on its keywords and will then click on the site. Second, those people will spend many minutes trawling through the site after clicking on it. This is known as "stickiness", and is a measure of how interesting your content is. Third, those people will then go away and write a good review about your site, with a link to it, on a forum or in a blog. If your website ticks all of these boxes, then it will climb up the charts like the latest pop song.

But that will take time, which is why some people like to give their website a nudge, and a head start. You could send out an email broadcast, bringing the site to the attention of those you wish to target via profiling, or you could use a paid search engine like Google for a while - till people know about the site, love it, and use it.

Once your site has a momentum, and is the talk of the town, you can cut back on paid advertising. If your website details widgets that fit tractors, you will always need paid advertising to get trade and some interest in the site.

If your website details the new releases from up and coming boy bands, then social media, viral campaigns, and word of mouth will probably do the job for you. If you have a dull website that sells a product or service found in many places elsewhere then you’ll need to market your site, and you’ll need to optimise your site first.

That optimisation means understanding how Google “ranks” your website. Google will look at your site and create a score-card based on a number of factors, and the adherence to Google’s rules will affect your positioning in the search engine; that we can advise you on.

Send us a link to your website and we can make an assessment very quickly; optimising your basic website elements typically is cheap and can be done in a day or two, sometimes within an hour for a small site.

Organic ranking is something that many companies ignore, when it can be a very cost effective way of reaching your customers, and once a site is optimised it will move up the ranks. If it reaches a good position, the enquiries it generates will be free.
Brightion SEO Services, SEO consultancy in Reading - more keyword denisty

What is pay per click advertising?

Most companies don’t understand the organic rankings - or how to optimise their website, but also don’t believe that they could be #1 on Google without paying a great deal of money.

Being #1 in the organic ranks is not about money, it’s about being clever, and some people pay £300 to end up at #1 whilst others pay £10,000. And don’t forget that you will have a parallel organic ranking even when you pay for advertising.

Paid advertising is typically Google Adwords. Adwords is pay-per-click, in that you may create an account with Google, register your details, then offer an amount such as £1 a click for the search phrase “Seaweed flavour ice cream”.

If few other people want or use that search phrase you may end up only paying 1p a click for it. If you sell insurance or mobile phones, then you’ll find it harder than other industries because of all the local and national competition. But there are ways, and there is hope for a good position without spending a fortune.

Email broadcasts

Email broadcasts can be a good way of launching a new website or a new product, by bringing it to the attention of a wide audience very quickly. Business owners like the idea of email broadcasts because the results are same-day results.

The downside is that most people don’t bother to open the advertising emails, and if they do then just a small percentage would rush out to buy your product.

Email broadcasts work like traditional mailshots landing on doorsteps, in that there is a low response rate for most products; don't believe that email is a magic bullet - it isn't. Where email broadcasts can be very effective is in the support of SEO and PPC campaigns, and carefully profiled emails can be very effective.

Most website owners find out that they can email 100,000 people for a few hundred pounds, and rub their hands, but the response rates are often very poor.

You are better off using people like us to source and produce a tightly profiled list of 20,000 recipients. Such a list may be profiled by age, sex, family, affluence, postcode, home ownership, sports and hobbies, lifestyle and habbits, etc...

Reading SEO Services, SEO consultancy in Reading - more keyword density

Social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is currently seen as a ‘must have’ by most businesses. They create Twitter and Facebook accounts, get friends and employees to sign up and make posts or tweets, then … nothing. None of the public bothers to respond, and the company looks sad, like the kid in school with no friends sat by himself.

No Twitter account … is better than a lame Twitter account.

The same applies for Facebook. People are not stupid, and they know the difference between genuine and spontaneous interaction with the buying public - and company generated blurb. I often see large companies with Twitter sites that have weekly tweets out about new products, no comments coming back.

“Wow, yes, I am excited about that new insurance product for tractor widgets in Reading,” is not a tweet that you are likely to see.

And don’t, whatever you do, ask all of your staff to join your Facebook page as friends. You can be sure that one will advocate the smoking of weed, one loves porn, and several will criticise their pay and promotions, especially if they’re thinking of leaving. Don’t show your customers your dirty laundry.

Reading SEO Services, SEO consultancy in Reading - more keyword density.

Reading SEO Advice & Services

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Keyword Discovery

  • We identify keywords your customers are using to find your products or services
  • We take an in-depth look at what keywords your competitors are using and what keywords they are not.
  • We produce a recommended list of keywords that you should use in your campaign
    Website Optimisation
  • We analyse the pages and content of your website and make recommendations.
  • We write new titles and descriptions for your pages.
  • We write new search engine friendly content for your website
  • We write new search engine friendly articles
  • We can manage your blog and other social media

Website Popularity

  • Identify relevant industry websites to link to your website, build your website popularity and search engine ranking.
  • Analyse the links of your top-ranking competitors to come up with a link building strategy that outperforms the competition
  • Continuously build new links to your website each month

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Provide simple, detailed reports each month that show your search rankings and compare those of the previous month.
  • Consistently monitor your SEO campaign and that of your competition to make adjustments where opportunities for improvement arise